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Why learn French ?

1. WORLWIDE – French is far from being the language of France only : more than 200million people speak French around the globe. French is the main language or one of the main languages in more than 30 countries across the five continents. It is also the second language in the world by the number of countries that have adopted it ... Lire la suite »

Conversation classes

Sharpen your communication skills through our conversation classes with a French native speaker. French conversation classes from 11 Jan 2016, click below for more information: Cours de conversation janv 2016 Phone No. 0172-2668627, 2647894, 9878081322 E-mail : Lire la suite »

Internal exams results

SESSION: DECEMBER – MARCH 2018 Niveau 1 (A1.1) Weekend Niveau A1.2 weekend Niveau A2.1 (Weekend) Niveau 5 (Weekend) Niveau – 7 (Weekend) Niveau 8 (B2.2) weekend Niveau – 9 Cours en  semaine Niveau A1.1 (7h-8h45) Niveau 1 (A1.1) 15h15 à 16h45 Niveau – A1.1 (15h30-17h30) Niveau A1.2 (7h00) Niveau 2 (A1.2) 15h15 à 17h15 Niveau – A1.2 (17h30-19h30) Intensive A1 ... Lire la suite »

Register for DELF-DALF

DELF DALF March 2018: Registration opens on 22nd January 2018. Last date: 10 February 2018 Fee structure is mentioned in the registration form. Download form: Registration form DELF DALF March 2018 (1) How to register To register, kindly bring : One photograph A copy of your photo identity proof (preferably a passport) Copies of all your previous DELF/DALF diplomas (if you ... Lire la suite »