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Fragmented Emotions – Painting Exhibition by Prakash Kishore

Fragmented Emotions Painting Exhibition by Prakash Kishore Inauguration on Friday, 11th January 2019, 17h30 @ Art Gallery, AF Chandigarh  On view till 25th January 2019 My paintings mainly deal with sensuality and emotions. Each form that I use in my paintings has its own individual importance and unique meaning that, when placed together on the pictorial surface, creates a feeling ... Lire la suite »

Inauguration of the exhibition #Spirou4rights

Spirou, défenseur des droits de l’homme #Spirou4rights Inauguration on the 4th of February, 5.30pm, @Art Gallery   Spirou magazine has joined efforts for the anniversary campaign launched by the UN human rights Office with a special edition of the magazine, dedicated to human rights, that has been released on October, 10, 2018. In this edition, the 30 articles of the ... Lire la suite »

DANCE & MUSIC: Dancing with the tree

Dancing with the tree Attached to the spaces where she performs, Mathilde Vrignaud has imagined a performance closely related to the nature, in conversation with a tree. With hindustani classical artists Soumitra Thakur on sitar, Mahavir Chandrawat on tabla, and sound artist Hém-Ish she will take the audience to an artistic journey full of magic, wonder and surprises. This show ... Lire la suite »