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CINÉ CLUB : Corporate

5th April – 12:30AM in the cafeteria 6th April – 5:30PM in the art gallery Director: Nicolas Silhol Year of release: 2017 Main cast: Céline Sallette, Lambert Wilson, Stéphane de Groodt, Violaine Fumeau Synopsis: Emilie is a bright young workaholic manager in Human Resources working for a huge company. Ambitious and dedicated, she is ready to put ruthless methods of ... Lire la suite »

Tritha Electric Rock Music

31st March at 5:30 PM @ Alliance Française, Chandigarh Tritha Eletric is a psychedelic/fusion rock band from Paris and New Delhi, formed in 2010 by Tritha Sinha (vocals) and Paul Schneiter (drums), with the later addition of Mathias Durand (electric guitar). Playing an explosive blend of psychedelic rock, inspired by German « Krautrock » of the 1970s and by Indian classical and ... Lire la suite »

The Banjara Quartet Gyspsy Jazz

25th March at 7:30 PM @ Golf Club, Chandigarh The Banjara Quartet is a Gypsy Jazz outfit comprising of a unique blend of musicians with varying influences ranging from Indian classical to Balkan jazz. While the Goa-based band consists of four core members , they have collaborated with many other musicians for their shows. Get a taste of world fusion ... Lire la suite »

Sports Day & Book sale

                24th March @ Alliance Française 2 EVENTS IN 1! In the garden, you will be able to buy some old books, magazines, CDs and DVDs from the library. A great way to bring home new resources in French! There will also be games of pétanque, volleyball and football with prizes to win. ... Lire la suite »

City of Light: Photography Exhibition by Ajay Bhatia

23rd March – 7th April 2018 @ Art Gallery, AF Chandigarh Inauguration on 23rd March, 6 PM by Marine Huot (Visual artist from Paris) CITY OF LIGHT One Day In Paris City of Light is a photographic record of Paris over one day from morning to night. At daybreak I left my hotel in the 3rd Arr. and walked through ... Lire la suite »