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ETUDIANTS ADMIS  (students who have passed)

E_Tableau_des_admis sept 2018

Candidates of  September session can collect their « Attestation de réussite » from our office. 

 Article 11 of rules and regulations: Collection of  DELF / DALF diplomas – attestations

 11.1. DELF / DALF certificates may be collected at the examination Centre once they are available. Requests for results on telephone or for sending DELF / DALF attestations / diplomas or their copies by post / e-mail will not be entertained. However, if a candidate is unable to collect his / her diploma in person, he /she may designate a person through an authorization letter
 11.2. If you are assigning someone on your behalf to collect your DELF diploma kindly make sure that the authorization letter states:
*your code candidate
* session when you took the examination
*name of the person assigned by you.
Photocopy of your passport should be attached with the letter.
The designated person must show his original ID proof (containing signature) and give its photocopy. Only then he / she may collect your diploma / attestation.
If these conditions are not fulfilled, the diploma / attestation will not be handed over to the person.

DELF Junior juillet 2018: E_Tableau_des_admis Junior juillet 2018

Juin 2018E_Liste_des_admis juin 2018

Candidates of June session, kindly collect your original diplomas from our office during office hours.

Mars 2018:  E_Liste_des_admis mars 2018

Décembre 2017: E_Liste_des_admis decembre 2017

Septembre 2017: E_Liste_des_admis septembre 2017

Juin 2017: DELF DALF Liste des admis juin 2017

Mars 2017: E_Tableau_des_admis mars 2017