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Executive committee

President : Mr Manmohan Lal SARIN Vice-president : Dr Vipnesh BHARDWAJ Honorary Secretary : Dr Anton REINFELDER Treasurer : Mr Yashowardhan SABOO Mrs Sneh POPLI, Dr Yojna RAWAT, Mr Anil NEHRU, Tapesh SHARMA, Diwan MANNA are members of executive Committee. General secretary: Sylvain CHOIN (director) Lire la suite »


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TEF Canada : General information

Centre number for TEF Canada: 164 TEF Canada on 20 July 2019. Registration closed TEF Canada on 31 August 2019. Registration closed. Registration on first come first served basis. Total seats: 15 Seats available: 00  For out station candidates, if you are sending your registration form and draft by post or courier, please send a mail to with scanned copies ... Lire la suite »

Roll numbers and Instructions

TEF Canada du  20 juillet 2019: Roll numbers, schedule & instructions Codes_candidats_tef_canada_du_20 juillet 2019 Instructions TEF Canada 20 juillet 2019 Programme TEF Canada 20 juillet 2019 Lire la suite »