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France and India enjoy a substantive partnership at the core of which lie its people-to-people relations, nurtured for decades through collaborations and exchanges. One of its manifestations is the regular rendezvous between our two countries, Bonjour India. This artistic, cultural, educational and social initiative is an Indo-French moment put together by the French cooperation network in India mainly comprising of the Embassy of France and its cultural service, Institut Français en Inde, the Alliance Française network and the Consulates of France.

The Night of Ideas

Venue: Open Hand, Capitol Complex, sector 1 – Chandigarh

Date: Saturday 14 May 2022 / Time: 7 to 9 pm

Every year, the Night of Ideas celebrates the stream of ideas between countries, cultures, topics and generations. An opportunity to explore the latest discoveries in knowledge and arts and to take part in the discussion about the main issues of our times. This year’s edition of Night of Ideas, animated by architect Swati Janu, will see debates around the theme “Rebuilding Together”, with Indian and European thinkers featuring environmental activist Vandana Shiva and architect Léopold Lambert.

Pre-registration is compulsory!

3 to 14 May / Dalwadi - An Indian lens on France

A trip to France, 1970

3 to 14 May / Alliance Française’s Art Gallery

Opening with Mr. Dalwadi at 7 pm on the 3rd of May

Photo exhibition

Experience Dalwadi’s journey to France in the 70’s traced in 50 photographs. Captured with his Nikon F, these also showcase the influence of Cartier-Bresson on his art.

Exhibition / City For All?

9 & 10 April / Sector 17 underpass

Opening the 9th of April at 5 pm with performances

An interactive exhibition

Let’s take a quick quiz! Did you walk the streets past midnight? Sat at a roadside stall and had tea? Found a toilet to pee when you needed one? Took a bus without fear of harassment? Laid down in a park and took a nap?

The City For All? is a project designed to question the design, planning and architecture of the cities and built spaces, and our interaction with them.

17 April / Sundowner Jazz-Electro concert


Sunday 17 April / 6 pm / Alliance Française’s Garden

A sundowner outdoor concert 

From ambient electro to Lo-fi sounds of Massive Attack or Portishead to the rhythmic adventurism of the Balkan Beat Box collective.

The well-known music producer Fuzzy Logic comes back to India with two talented musicians he met in France, his adoptive country! They present a powerful ethnic-electro performance, mixing electronic and organic sounds.

17 - 19 April / WALL ART FESTIVAL

A Mural by Lili Totas

17 – 19 April / From 9 am onwards / Alliance Française’s Parking 

Watch the mural painting in progress!

Lili Totas

Lili was born in Brazil and raised in Honduras. She has been living in Lyon since 2003. Uprooting is the source of her creativity. She has chosen to express through street art techniques using bright colours and round and soft shapes: many nostalgic representations for a political and social claim. It is also the femininity of a committed citizen that she evokes. The eye, the feet, the clouds, the Klein blue sky, the boats, the daisies are recurring and constitutive elements of a complex pictorial staging. This disproportionate mouth, carmine red, present in all her creations is her voice, the one she would dream of lending to all those who dare not express themselves. Each creation is a universe. You have to read it in all its depth go beyond its apparent innocence.

28 & 29 April / Let's Dance! Outdoor cinema

Let's Dance / Thematic Short Films

28 & 29 April / 7:15 pm / Alliance Française’s Garden

Outdoor screening 

Handpicked shorts by Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival

What could be more natural? Cinema and dance have the distinctiveness of questioning and constantly renewing our relationship to space and time through movement.

The short films around dance offer astonishing points of view, personal, dramatic, funny, sometimes nervous or even explosive. This retrospective provides an eclectic panorama of all dance styles and their origins.

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4 May / Strings Together

Chérif Soumano & Shahnawaz Ahmed Khan

Tuesday 4 May / 7:30 pm / Alliance Française’s cafe-theater (4th floor)

An intimate fusion concert

Classical guitarist Shahnawaz Ahmed Khan and Kora artist Chérif Soumano from West Africa in a musical jugalbandi.