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CINÉ CLUB : Les Tuche

Chargement de la carte…

Date(s) - 17/04/2018
3:15 - 5:00

Alliance française


17th April – 3:15 PM / 21st April – 11:30 AM

@ Library

Director: Olivier Baroux

Year of release: 2011

Main cast: Jean-Paul Rouve, Isabelle Nanty, Claire Nadeau, Théo Fernandez, Fadila Belkebla

Synopsis: In Bouzolles everybody knows the Tuche family: Jeff, Cathy and their 3 children. Respectful of the Tuche philosophy (“Man is not made for work”), the resourceful family is happy in spite of their lack of money. Their lives were all planned out: they would always be poor but happy. But a disruption will put this fragile balance in danger. The Tuche are going to be rich, very rich. 100 million euros won at the Euroloterie are going to change everything. And if your life is going to change for the better, you might as well move to a nicer place. The Tuche family thus moves to Monaco, where Cathy has always dreamt of living. They will have to be accepted, to integrate in their new country, to change their habits without changing how they feel. This won’t be easy for this family!

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