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Date(s) - 12/02/2020
7:00 pm





Description: A musical meet between two great musicians from France and India
About: Sarangi Maestro Murad Ali Khan and French composer Titi Robin have been working
together on joint artistic projects for the last ten years, from the first recording of Laal Asmaan
in Bombay (Blue Frog Label) to the international show Les Rives until the last album Rebel
Diwana produced in Belgium. Padma Shri Gulabo Sapera and Titi Robin began their
collaboration in the early 90s with the Gitans album, the first of a long series of recording,
videos and numerous tours around the globe. Murad Ali Khan had the rich idea a few months
ago to reunite on stage the eminent representative of the Rajasthan dance sapera with one of
the brilliant stars of kathak classical dance, Mahua Shankar.
From this original and innovative meeting, motivated by the pleasure of exchange and sharing,
was born this color of the emotion and this "khushboo" (perfume) of the soul that the artistic
languages ​​have for mission to create and transmit.
The artists then decided to continue the adventure and offer this show on the roads of India
and the World.
Around Mahua Shankar (kathak dance), Gulabo Sapera (sapera dance), Murad Ali Khan (sarangi)
and Titi Robin (compositions, bouzoug, guitar), are gathered Shuheb Hasan and Zohaib Hasan
(songs), Dino Banjara (percussion) and Amaan Ali Khan (tabla). It is a show that is both
adventurous and radical in its taking of aesthetic risks and deeply aware of the strength that
respect can bring not from the form but from the spirit of the masters of tradition.