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Painting Exhibition: Ageless Marvels-A tribute to the old Masters

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Date(s) - 02/09/2017 - 17/09/2017

Alliance française


Ageless Marvels – A Tribute to the Old Masters

Oil painting, like other means of creative outlet, is not just a process of combining inanimate objects to create something identifiable. Painting is something that allows an idea to take a meaningful form, while opening it up for millions of interpretations – each interpretation connecting to each observer’s distinct expectations and experiences. Subsequently, what interests me as an artist is not what my paintings illustrate in the peripheral sense, but what they make the viewers experience.

Likewise, this exhibition is my interpretation of the works of Eugene de Blass and William-Adolphe Bouguereau. Through my work, I have hoped to blend the theatrical works of Eugene de Blass and realistic figure paintings of William-Adolphe through my modified Flemish painting technique, in order to rekindle the fulfilling magnificence of intricately detailed oil paintings.

About the Artist

From observing the art-works of my father since a tender age of four, to eventually developing my own unique tastes and styles, painting has always been an all-consuming passion for me. From painting scenic art-works to creating portrait art, I have enjoyed every genre of painting, with human figures being my favorite. Having spent thousands of hours self-learning the art of oil painting, while developing my own multi-stage painting technique, I have always believed that an artist’s technique is a true reflection of his/her personality. Subsequently, despite my almost half-a-century old journey with art and oil painting, I see every day as a new painting, and every painting of mine as a new opportunity to transform, inspire, educate, and learn.