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Date(s) - 12/02/2020
4:00 pm




As a dancer-choreographer, I was absorbed by Chandigarh during my first exploration trip, in February March 2018. I walked through the city with fear, dazzle and questioning. Above all, she offered me beautiful encounters with the inhabitants, the workers, the civil servants, who, each in their own way, shared with me something of their humanity. I put my steps in this geometric and hierarchical plan that distributes the sectors and, in their breasts, the blocks, the traffic lanes. In the bowels and clearings of Chandigarh, in its center and alleys, there is something of a radiant city: a living, confusing and therefore inspiring presence.
Dancing in harmony with this framed, structured chao sublimates Space and makes it resonate, like a dedication to this open hand full of promise, from Love to this bird in flight. As a choreographic surveyor of public space, I decided to revisit with my Dance, the heart of the city of Chandigarh in the architecture of Le Corbusier, Edwin Maxwell Fry, Jane Berverly Drew, and Pierre Jeanneret.
It is a question, in view of our time, of provoking a meeting between Dance/Art in the street and what has become of this living presence of Le Corbusier architecture in the city. Architecture is taken as a sensitive surface for choreographic writing, from the curve without horizontality, from the suspension in verticality, from the movement of the water plane to that of the wall. Exploring gravity and antigravity thanks to suspension accessories that follow the wall…