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Date(s) - 22/06/2015 - 04/07/2015
9:00 am - 7:00 pm

Art Gallery of the Alliance française

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EXPOSITION : Poèmes d’Anupama Raju & photographies de Pascal Bernard
Ces artistes venus de pays différents ont tous deux souhaité à la fois parcourir la surface des choses et plonger dans les profondeurs, créant le mystère qui se dégage des œuvres du photographe français et des écrits de la poétesse indienne. Entre poésie et photographie, entre cultures française et indienne, entre surfaces et profondeurs, la cité de La Rochelle (Côte ouest de la France) apparaît à travers l’objectif de Pascal Bernard et la poésie d’Anupama Raju.  

An Indo-French project, ‘Surfaces et Profondeurs’ explores La  Rochelle through the  poetry  of Anupama Raju, a writer based in Trivandrum and the photography of Pascal Bernard, from  La  Rochelle,  France. 

Photo4Though the project is an exploration of depths of the city, La Rochelle, through its people, its traditions, heritage and culture, these surfaces and depths can be representative of any city.

The poems of ‘Surfaces and Depths’ were written during a writing residency that Anupama Raju had spent at the Centre Intermondes in La Rochelle in 2012. The poems are accompanied by the photographs of Pascal Bernard residing in La Rochelle.

It is interesting to note that these two artists who come from different countries wanted to walk on the surface of things and dig into the depths to create the mystery that spreads in the works of French photographer and the writings of the Indian poet. Between poetry and photography, between French and Indian culture, between surfaces and depths, the city of La Rochelle appears through the lens of Pascal Bernard and poetry Anupama Raju.

Chennai born Anupama Raju comes from a family of musicians. Her family influenced her in many ways but her passion lies in poetry. In 2002 she started writing poems and since then she has received various awards and recognitions.

Photo2Pascal Bernard, born in 1960, took interest in photography at the age of 12. Orignally from La Rochelle in France, Pascal has been visiting India since 1977 and almost all states from Kerala to Kashmir are familiar terrains to him. Sll the symbols of India’s magnificent splendor fascinate this man who’s got a third eye, the eye of the camera.

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