Services during COVID

Dear library users,

Firstly we thank you all for the cooperation you have shown, even with limited library resources access. For the moment, in these challenging times, it will not be possible to have the same working conditions as they were earlier; nevertheless, we are pleased to inform you that the AF Chandigarh library will be reopening its lending and returning services from 14th September 2021 and operating on Tuesday – Friday between 09:00 am to 4:00 pm and on saturdays between 10:00 am to 2:00pm.
To provide the smoothest services, we need constant support from your side; please find below the procedure to resume our collaboration.

We are also opening our doors for borrowing and returning services in person. Now you can come to the AFChandigarh library and consult books, before borrowing them. 

SoPs/Protocols for functioning of Library

  • Only 4 visitors can sit in the library at any given point of time for a maximum duration of 2 hrs by taking appointments (on call or via e-mail) in advance.
  • We do not provide Wi-Fi facility, therefore, kindly make your own arrangements.
  • For all students/users visiting the library will need to wear masks and sanitize their hands compulsorily before entering.
  • Users/staff need to strictly follow social distancing norms as advised.
  • For all the users/students, IR sensing of body temperature is mandatory.
  • The use of library computers/Tabs is temporarily closed. Users are encouraged to use their personal devices.
  • Books will be returned strictly through the drop box by the users, and there will be no human interference in this process. The returned book will be quarantined for atleast 48 Hours and will be checked by the staff and placed on the shelves. No book will be returned at Circulation Counter.
  • These SOPs/Protocols are subject to modifications, if any, from time to time as per the orders from the Competent Authority/Library Administration as per the situation, in the interest of the institute without any notice.

Though we are re-opening, but we need to follow COVID protocols, for our as well as others safety.

Kindly bring your library cards along on the day you come to collect the reserved documents.

For online library Catalogue

Go to the link: OPAC

Opac page opens

Select ‘Chandigarh‘ from ‘Médiathèques du réseau’

  1. Enter your ‘Library card number’  followed by password in ‘Se Connecter’ (Note: the default password is the 4 digits of your year of birth, which can be changed after logging in).
  2. After successfully logging in, click on ‘ Mesprêts / Mesréservations,’ displayinga list of all your borrowings and reservations.
  3. Click on ‘Réserver un document‘ at the end of the page. The document reservation menu will open; you may now search for the document you want by typing the Document name/Author name/Topic. You can also select the ‘Type of document’ from the drop-down list.
  4. After finding the desired document, click on ‘Reserver‘ on the document menu’s bottom right corner.
  5. Click on ‘OK’when the reservation confirmation dialogue box appears.
  6. To check the status of the document’s reservation, click on‘Mes reservation’ from the left-hand side of the page, below your name; scroll down ‘Accès Rapide’ and select. Here you can see your reservation.
  7. Click on ‘Se déconnecter’ to disconnect.
  8. Now, wait until librarian validate it and send you a mail for confirmation.

In case your reservation is unsuccessful through the above steps, you can reserve your documents by calling us at library number+91 7986661775
or write an email to [email protected].