The Alliance Française of Chandigarh, a non-profit-making organisation, constituted in accordance with the statutes and aims of the Alliance Française founded in Paris in 1883 and the work of which has been continued since 1st January 2008 by the “Fondation Alliance Française”, aims to promote the French language in the city of Chandigarh, gather together those who desire to contribute towards developing understanding and enjoyment of French culture and language and, on a larger scale, foster greater mutual understanding between India and France by encouraging linguistic and cultural exchanges.

The organisation operates within a framework of responsible and well-balanced management, which guarantees its spirit of independence.

The organisation has no political or religious affiliations and prohibits any form of discrimination.

The aims and objectives of the Society Alliance Française of Chandigarh shall be to make French thought through culture, language or art and to promote understanding and friendship between the people of India and the people of France and French speaking countries by:

  1. Conducting French language courses
  2. Providing scholarships or free tuition to deserving Students willing to pursue further their courses in French language or literature at the Society AFC;
  3. Supporting the teaching/ Education of the French language in local schools;
  4. Arranging cultural and social programs such as films shows, lectures in French or other languages, art exhibits, music concerts, etc., by which the aims and objectives of the Society AFC could be furthered
  5. Organizing linguistic tour in France or in French speaking countries.
  6. Establishing and maintaining a library and a reading room for the benefit of its Members ;
  7. Fostering friendship with Members of other similar cultural associations;
  8. Undertaking such other activities as are compatible with and conducive to the nature and objectives of the Society AFC