Becoming a member of the library


You need to:

  • Fill the membership form
  • Submit 2 Passport Size Photographs
  • Submit a copy of my ID Proof
  • Pay Security Deposit Rs. 1000 (Reimboursable)

–> Rs. 1000 – Security deposit for all membership is refundable at any moment upon request resulting in cancellation of the membership. All accounts are to be cleared & articles returned. Unclaimed security is forfeited on the 31st March every year.


Tariff for Alliance Française Students: Rs. 1000

Tariff for Non-Students (Associate member): Rs. 1000 + 767


You can issue 3 documents (books) for 3 weeks.

However, Movie DVDs and Music CDs can be issued only one at a time and for 1 week.

The late fee is Rs. 1/day on books and is Rs. 5/day for Movie DVDs/ Music CDs.

Membership is valid for one year only, after which it may be renewed.


Apart from the physical resources in our library, you can access digital resources like books, magazines, newspapers, comic books, audio recordings and video resources. To do so, go on and create an account, which shall be valid for 3 weeks. Later, contact the librarian of Alliance Française de Chandigarh, an give her/him the login details for your account. Your Culturetheque account shall be made valid till the validity date of your Alliance Française de Chandigarh Library Membership.