The Fondation Alliance française is the moral and legal reference of Alliances françaises. When one Alliance is formed, it asks the Fondation to recognise it, through an approval of its statutes. When it wishes to expand, the Fondation advises it. When it needs to train its staff, the Fondation supports it.

Act everywhere in the world

The Fondation supports good governance in the Alliances. It has experts organised according to geographical zones, capable of reacting and advising an Alliance française when it encounters a difficulty.

Serve the French language

Twelve permanent collaborators work at the Fondation. Its Board of Directors has renowned personalities like Hélène Carrère d’Encausse, permanent secretary at the Académie française, writer Eric Orsena, journalist Bernard Pivot. Its sponsors, CIC- Banque Transatlantique, Laboratoires Pierre Fabre, le Cordon Bleu, Total, constitute an active school. Its principal donors, among whom is Pierre Moussa, founder of Paribas, also have a seat there.

Promote cultural diversity

Through its cycle «Alliances en résonance», the Fondation Alliance française promotes foreign cultures in France. Artistes of one country are regularly under focus, in the gallery, theatre or auditorium of Boulevard Raspail, in Paris. The Fondation encourages the Alliances to value the culture of the countries which receive them.