With good collection of French documents (French & English), the French library is the one place in Chandigarh for all your needs when it comes to French culture!

Welcome to the New Multimedia Library of the Alliance Française de Chandigarh

Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Friday 10:00am to 4:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am to 02:00pm
Fanny, Mediathécaire/Librarian:

The access to the library is free, however you must be a member to borrow the various resources. You can directly download the membership formAdmission Form Library

 The multimedia library of the Alliance Française de Chandigarh offers a collection of 3500 documents: books, comics, newspapers and magazines, music CDs, movies DVDs, documentary films, covering all the areas and for all ages (children and adults, Francophone and non- Francophone). The majority of our collections are in French but we have many documents in English and some books in Hindi.

Among the audio material one can find the classic standards along with Chanson française and contemporary music of various styles. The DVD section of the resource centre is endowed with classic French films recent creations and documentaries.

The multimedia library is categorized into different areas:

1. Learning: The books specialized for learning French and for discovering the Francophone cultures.

2. Literature: The classics and contemporary literature works mainly in French, but also in English.

3. General Collection: Science, Humanities and Social science sections in French and some are  in English.

4. French Cinema and Music: More than 150 DVDs (most of them subtitled in French and/or in English) and more than 150 Music CDs.

5. Comics: Over 350 Comics and Graphic novels in the library.

6. Architecture: A unique collection of books on architecture.

New resources added


Playstation4 for playing French games and practice their French in a unusual way.




Tablets are loaded with stimulating French apps like applications pedagogiques – Dr French, Motdujour, le conjugeur, Duolingo, Merci Professeur, Mr.vocabulaire, jeux pedagogiques culturequiz, word crack etc for you and practice your French