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Date(s) - 09/07/2016
12:00 am

Alliance française


‘Rasan Piya’ is a documentary on the life of renowned Hindustani classical vocalist, Ustad Abdul Rashid Khan, who represented the 16th generation of Miyan Tansen’s lineage. He continued not just to compose, but also to teach, travel and perform across all of India till he died. He passed away recently, on 18th February 2016 at the age of 107 years.

His story is that of an extraordinary musician, poet and teacher; of someone who has not only preserved but also added much to an ancient Indian art form; of a brave man who overcame his physical limitations to create beautiful music and inspire a whole generation of musicians and music lovers.

The film explores the various influences that have shaped his life and music, a life steeped in the rich culture of Awadh. It also offers a commentary on the change that art in India has witnessed with the decline of the riyasats (kingdoms) and the patronage they offered. Lastly, the film attempts to draw one towards our ancient ‘guru shishya parampara’, as preserved and practised by one its most revered exponents.


Director’s Note

“I first met Baba in 2007, at a SPIC MACAY concert. I have vivid memories of that concert and of how deeply it affected me. Since then I’ve keenly followed his music. Having been tremendously inspired by him, I always wanted to document and share his very special story.

Besides his music I was also struck by his child-like innocence and wonder, which I’ve tried to capture in this film as well. Exploring the interplay between the child and the sage in him was perhaps the most fascinating aspect of the time I spent with him.”


(2015, 1h20, documentary, Dir.: Niharika Popli) — In Hindi, with English subtitles

Café-théâtre, Alliance Française “Le Corbusier” de Chandigarh